Awareness raising through the experience of local people and communities

Awareness raising on the values of the Dolomites as a World Heritage property is necessary for the long term conservation of the place but also a provision of the World Heritage Convention.

In order to further advance awareness raising efforts among citizens, communities and local actors living insider and nearby the Dolomites, the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation has created a weekly television segment called Noi, Dolomiti UNESCO” (in English “We are the UNESCO Dolomites”) in which are presented the experiences and lives of people living, operating and/or working inside the territory of the Dolomites. The series is televised through the main television channels of the five provinces and the two regions in which the Dolomites are located, and via YouTube.

This activity aims at raising awareness at the wider level of regional and territorial communities, focusing on the natural and cultural values of the site but also exploring the social and economic lives of local communities and people.

Active engagement of local stakeholders, producers and communities living in the area of the Dolomites through established formal and informal networks, from the experience of the Dolomites 2040 process to the network of mountain huts and producers.

Agreements with local media networks and channels.

The UNESCO World Heritage status is complex to understand for individuals not literate in the language and proceedings of the World Heritage Convention. “Noi Dolomiti UNESCO” lets local people speak for the Site with their own words and therefore this series humanizes the issue of protecting the natural and cultural values of the site This is one way to offer a window in understanding the cooperation network behind the complex management system in place but also to raise awareness on the work done by local communities in conserving the multilayered values of the Dolomites its landscapes