Biodiversity responsible touristic offer

Bosque La Tigra developed an attractive tourist product for international and national visitors, communities, and students that aspire to connect with nature and learn from local biodiversity. This tourist product will stand out as an offer that was created with a high sense of environmental responsibility and serves as an example, inspiration, showcase, and replicable model for international and national organizations.

Bosque La Tigra offers guided tours, an interactive walking trail where visitors can learn about the rainforest, local biodiversity, and wildlife. Visitors can enjoy 4 km of trails across primary and secondary forests. The trails are interpreted with signs of the most representative tree species of the forests, with information such as scientific name, common name, and the natural history or a brief description of the species. Visitors can also visit the tree nursery and pick a native tree to plant at the reserve. The reserve also carries out wildlife monitoring activities, installing camera traps that register videos and photographs of the fauna that live at the reserve. Visitors can also see the installation of the cameras and observe videos and photos of local fauna.

  • The proximity of protected forests and the ones it safeguards makes Bosque La Tigra a perfect place to develop a touristic offer that takes advantage of healthy ecosystems and work within its limits, ensuring sustainable use and the conservation of biodiversity.
  • Travel to Nature business engagement with sustainable ecotourism and its vision to design a touristic offer that combines exclusive travel experiences with sustainability are key aspects to carry out this kind of business model.
  • Tourism trends worldwide show an increasing need to experience sustainable offers and journeys, in this sense, Bosque La Tigra manages to fulfill the need of this segment and seize the opportunities that these trends offer to ecotourism.