Capacity building through the creation of Farmer Field Schools

Published: 30 July 2021
Last edited: 30 July 2021

Farmer Field Schools (FFS) help ranchers learn through observation and experimentation within their own pens and grazing areas. The FFS strengthen the technical and functional capacity of the participants. In addition, they promote the creation of inclusive community development, through the empowerment of women and gender equality and by creating mutual trust within the community.


Education, training and other capacity development activities
Evaluation, effectiveness measures and learning
Sustainable livelihoods
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

- Technical support from a professional with knowledge regarding productivity, social aspects and natural resource management

- Have tools such as the GRAMSE plus (Acronym in Spanish for Genetics, Reproduction, Food, Management, Health and Economy plus governance, gender equity, administration, bi-trade and regeneration), for the development of the processes

- Leadership and organization of the community for the fulfillment of agreements

Lessons learned

- Sustainable livestock practices can improve the income of various families

- Sustainable livestock is a mean to improve high mountain ecosystem services

- Good livestock practices can serve as guides towards sustainable and friendly livestock farming 

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