Confidence raising through exposure and cross learning

Published: 28 July 2020
Last edited: 28 July 2020

A three-day exposure visit to Bethany Society located in Shillong and which involved an eleven hours road journey was organized. Participants for this exposure included members of households who volunteered to pilot the various techniques on their own plots. It was during this visit that various technologies of Sustainable Climate Smart Agriculture which included techniques like key-hole gardening, square foot gardening, the various composting techniques such as bokashi, vertical and vermicomposting, housed within Bethany Society establishment were demonstrated. A visit to a full-fledged farm where these techniques have been installed on a commercial basis was facilitated. This exercise supplemented their confidence in the productivity of this practice. 


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Enabling factors

  • A well-planned project demonstration tour was prepared and travel arrangements were organized well in advance for the farmers. 
  • The farmers from the village selected for the exposure tour were achieved with the participation and blessing of the community leaders. They included women and young adults capable and motivated to pilot what they had learned.

Lessons learned


  • Apart from building their confidence and enthusiasm in this practice, it gave them the opportunity to interact with other fellow farmers from Shillong who have undergone similar difficulties. 
  • Experiences were shared that encouraged the commencement of this practice and provided the confidence required to sustain the pilots initiated at their own farms.