Development of an integrated management strategy and action plan for the protected areas and conservation of seabirds and their habitat on Kiribati Island.

Published: 20 June 2023
Last edited: 20 June 2023

This building block emphasizes the major concern of the Government of Kiribati regarding the challenges in the management of the protected areas and seabirds. The Government of Kiribati, through the Wildlife Conservation Unit (WCU) of the Environment and Conservation Division (ECD), has been struggling for the past 30 years in managing the protected areas in Kiritimati Island. But through the development of this integrated management strategy and action plan, the Government of Kiribati is able to manage and address the identified or common environmental challenges that are affecting the health of the seabird species successfully and effectively.


Management planning
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

  • The full support from the local council and other Government agencies in the development of the project is one of the key enabling factors for the success of the management strategy and action plan development.

  • The full support from the community to the development of the management strategy and action plan is another key factor. Most of the communities, who participated in the consultation, were very supportive of this important management plan.  They even gave some suggestions and advice for strengthening the implementation of the management plan.

Lessons learned

  • Having a good collaboration and partnership with the key stakeholders (local communities and other key Government enforcement partners) to fasten the development and process of the intended Management plan.  

  • The consultation to local communities to enlighten them on the importance of the vulnerable island seabirds to the environment and ecosystem, and also emphasize the real factors that caused the decrease in the number of seabirds, will persuade them to reconsider their actions that have an impact on these seabirds.

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