EbA Capacity Development Strategy and Trainings
Provincial institutions (government officials and training institutions) develop capacities to mainstreaming EbA based on a capacity development strategy (CDS) along 4 dimensions: people, organizations, networks& cooperation, and framework conditions. The CDS and roll out includes the following steps: 1. Capacity&needs assessment of a) target groups on EbA knowledge and learning habits via interviews b) 10 potential training service providers taking into account training experiences of international organizations (IUCN, WWF, UNDP). 2. Elaborating tailor-made training materials on the GIZ “Integrating climate change adaptation into development with a focus on ecosystem-based Adaptation” based on the Harvard Case Method and adapted to the Vietnamese context with IPCC SREX report terminology. 3. Carrying out a test training to come up with an intercultural sensitive didactic concepts and key topics. 4. Conduct ToTs for training service providers to institutionalize the EbA training in the long term. 25 participants from 4 different experienced training service providers in Vietnam were trained. 5. Conduct customized trainings for provincial technical staff by service providers bassed on TOT experiences.
•Increasing need for climate change adaptation in Vietnam in recent years, especially after COP21 •Increasing awareness of of climate change in sector policies, strategies and programming frameworks •Recent national policies and strategies of Vietnam to response to climate change emphasize EbA. •Concrete need of EbA capacity development by policy makers and practitioners in (non)-governmental organizations •Close cooperation of partners stakeholders
•Human Capacity Development measures need to be very practical and topic oriented. The training methodology including case methods offered experience-based learning and allowed to break down the complex issue into tangible steps generated practice-oriented knowledge. •Steady dialogue with other international organizations and the main governmental institutions should be established to benefit from synergies and take up new opportunities •Limitations when establishing a regular training offer on CCA/EbA: lack of a well-funded demand in Vietnamese institutions,experienced trainers barely exist. •Training courses duration not longer than 5 days because of a low commitment of full attendance •Field trips should be integrated as they are valuable learning experience for trainees. •To ensure sustainability training institutions rather than individual freelance trainers have been selected for the ToT training.