Published: 26 October 2021
Last edited: 26 October 2021

After the system obtains fire event information from satellites, UAVs, ground cameras and forest rangers, it will immediately transmit the video image of the fire scene to the fire department, which will deploy firefighters to extinguish the fire according to the fire situation. Because the system can detect the fire event in time and report to the fire department, many fire events were extinguished when the fire was very small and did not develop into very large fire event.


Collection of baseline and monitoring data and knowledge
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

The fire event information can be submitted to the fire department in time to prevent the fire from getting bigger and buy time for fire fighting.

Lessons learned

Satellite, UAV, ground camera and forest ranger shall record video during work; With the video, after the hot spot is checked as a fire event, FIRE SUBMISSION MODULE will submit the fire event and fire video to the fire department.

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