Four fishing communities successfully managing LMMAs along the Inhambane coast.

With the creation of an effective network of Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs) along Inhambane´s coast and sustainable fishing activity throughout the most bio-diverse waters, MMF aims to mitigate threats to vulnerable species.

Community activities were succesfully achieved through monitoring the conservation outcomes and threats and preventing destructive fishing activities (Tofo, Barra, Rocha, Morrungulo).

To achieve the proposed goals were crutial: 

  • Training workshops for CCP, leaders, coastal police and fishermen on marine resource management and LMMAs 
  • Establishing LMMAs and reef closures through consensus building, engagement with local, provincial and national authorities, scientific advice and implementation support.
  • Developing marine management plans with communities.

Through conservation and better management of marine resources, especially megafauna, all coastal communities in the project areas will indirectly benefit from sustained income from fishing and tourism businesses.