Government commitment

Published: 08 October 2015
Last edited: 05 September 2017

Governments are key in the success of the regional collaboration. Their political commitment to the Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI) Goals has been essential to attract donors to help achieve these goals, including building the finance architecture. Governments participate as observers and/or focal points in regional trust fund board meetings and are also part of the National Conservation Trust Funds (NCTF) boards.


Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

  • Open, transparent and direct dialogue with governments.
  • Identifiable benefits for advancing national and regional conservation priorities.
  • Donor’s and partners’ commitments to provide funds and other technical assistance.

Lessons learned

  • Building political commitment is a lengthy process that requires technical and policy inputs at multiple levels in government from technical staff, to middle/senior management positions and the highest levels ministers/heads of governments.
  • Donor’s commitment provides countries with additional security and confidence with regards to their political commitment and knowing that partners are ready to assist.

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