Innovative funding schemes

Published: 28 January 2020
Last edited: 29 January 2020

The exclusiveness of these private islands means that they get a particular clientele that keeps returning for holidays at these places - some are known as repeated guests for over 15 years. Setting up a philanthropic club exclusively for selected guests allows them to donate to a conservation fund that will support the island’s protected area . 

Secondly, unique high-quality merchandise was developed together with local artisans, with the aim of offering signature products exclusively available at these islands, and generating a premium price. A collaboration was forged with Roots Seychelles, who specifically designed textile products inspired by local culture and techniques. Selected pareos were made for clientele of Denis Island that would portray both the environment and colors of the island. 

Another revenue generating program developed was the ‘plant-a-tree’ scheme where guests were invited to plant a tree to commemorate important life events such as a wedding, anniversary or birth, and thereafter made a donation to support the earmarked protected area or environment protection activities of the island. A commemorative plaque with any message requested by the guest is engraved, includeing the date of planting, and the tree species planted. 


Communication, outreach and awareness building
Evaluation, effectiveness measures and learning
Sustainable financing
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

In order to develop innovative schemes, it was necessary to chose unique products inspired by local culture and tradition also trailed schemes that seem to generate interest from guests.  

Lessons learned

The development of these unique financing schemes needed not be seen as another way of extorting more money from guests. Careful thought needed to be given to how to make guests contribute to an important cause. The schemes therefore needed to be marketed correctly and trailed to ensure that they worked for the island’s specificities.