Large Parks creation

The national and provincial parks are public spaces that have the most effective legal protection for the conservation of biodiversity. It is for this reason that our organization strives to acquire and donate land to the nation and to the provinces to create parks. Ours is an unprecedented process whereby large private areas of land, that were degraded and closed to the public, are restored and passed into the hands of the State, and are open to all to be visited and enjoyed.

These spaces invite us to connect with nature through wildlife watching and other outdoor experiences.

- Large portions of preserved natural ecosystems, either already public or private that could be acquired.

-Public authorities understanding the need to create protected areas, both by the beneffits to nature and to people through a healthy ecosystem and economical beneffits from ecotourism development

-Public access to guarantee the visitation of these areas

Additionally, we found that relating the creation of parks to local development is a useful way to gain support from politicians, top-level decision-makers and neighbors. We discovered that, in order to make the public feel as part of the project and protected areas, we needed to acknowledge their role and impact on the program’s results. In this way, people felt like active participants in teh creation of protected areas, species recovery, adopting and supporting the project’s goals.