“Learning by doing”

Published: 21 September 2017
Last edited: 21 June 2019

The team took into account events during the long implementation (11years for the construction work with 5 years preliminary work) to create a successful EbA solution. In essence, they used adaptive management for their implementation. Indeed, the big flood of 2005, in the middle of their work had a major impact both on the area and on the final implementation of the solution. They also took into account public concerns (see above) towards a final solution that is appreciated by many.


Collection of baseline and monitoring data and knowledge
Technical interventions and infrastructure
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

Having space to allow for natural river morphology development through time.

Lessons learned

The flood revealed that areas without turf sustained erosion damage. The best protection was to be found where the technical bank protection measures were supplemented by the planting willows or turf. Especially the thin willow rods that develop after cutting back every two to three years provide an exceptionally good hold. Furthermore, many of the new structures that developed due to flood “damage” such as pools, dips and gravel banks are connected now to the River Isar, depending on the discharge, and provide habitats for young fish and macroinvertebrates. At the same time, the biotope character of these areas is enhanced by allowing deadwood to remain after flooding. These small biotopes were maintained and protected with turf and willow. On the surfaces exposed by flooding, thin but richly flowering grass communities of high ecological value developed in the following year.

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