Members Area

Published: 04 October 2023
Last edited: 07 February 2024

The members area is exclusive for registered members (individuals or organisations) of the Alliance. The membership is free of charge and gives you the chance to join forces for a common cause as well as connect, collaborate and partner with other members.

The Members Area serves as a platform for internal exchange, sharing of interesting articles, job opportunities and event dates as well as having access to video recordings of past events on demand.


Alliance and partnership development
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Documentation and dissemination of results

Enabling factors

  • maintaining the website and members area
  • it needs motivated and committed members who are willing to actively participate on the platform

Lessons learned

At the beginning of the implementation, direct and regular contact with members is necessary to encourage them to post and interact with each other. Direct inquiries via email or reminders in the newsletter can help. Active support for posting from the secretariat is initially necessary but can be reduced over time.

Do you want to share your inspirational story?

Have you been inspired by a solution or building block on PANORAMA? Then share your experiences and tell us how you have been inspired and what you did to replicate a solution! What was needed in order to adapt the solution to your context? Tell us how you enabled a successful knowledge transfer to create more positive impacts for a healthy planet!