Multi-Stakeholder Partnership (MSP)

Published: 08 March 2023
Last edited: 08 March 2023

In multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs), stakeholders from the state, the private sector, civil society and  academia plan, coordinate and implement joint activities to tackle the challenges of sustainable development. They use an agreed steering structure that enables them to function strategically and operationally. Smoothly functioning decision-making mechanisms are, among other things, crucial to cooperate across  organisation. Yet, depending on the complexity of the issues involved, decision-making can be a challenging process. The AOHSM is based on the principle of collegial leadership, i.e. non-hierarchical and self-organised cooperation, proceeding on the basis of solution focussed action. The exchange amongst the AOHSM working groups is facilitated by rotating moderators. Currently, a governance structure for the AOHSM is being developed taking into consideration the opinions, ideas and experiences of key members of all working groups. 


Alliance and partnership development
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Inception phase

Enabling factors

Cooperation, open communication, a clear understanding of the joint objectives, formally signed expressions of interest, official declarations of membership by institutions' authorities, voluntary dedication of time and efforts to the groups. Creative and participatory capacity building on the tool MSP and the One Health approach helped to convice and motivate the members. 

Lessons learned

The One Health approach requires constant and continuous explication using evidence and concrete examples on how it can be a solution to the region's environmental problems. Creative introduction to the topic as well as the identification of One Health champions in the three countries, and giving them international visibility at seminars and webinars, is useful to make the abstract approach implementable. 

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