Reviewing of the Park General Management Plan to include climate resilience aspects

Published: 13 March 2019
Last edited: 01 April 2019

This block addresses the work of revising the management plan so that it integrates aspects related to climate change resilience.


A stakeholder workshop, facilitated by an exppert, was organised in 2016 to review the park GMP. The workshop was attended by Park Managers including ecologists, conservationists from sorrounding Game Reserves, NGOs and programmes operating in the Katavi-Rukwa ecosystem. 


The review identified climate change amongst key threats facing biodiversity. In addition, climate change resilience was included in the list of management objectives aimed at capturing climate change resilience amongst GMP objectives and thus reduce its threat to biodiversity and ecosystem. It was agreed by the Park Management and stakeholders, and this was reflected in the revised GMP, that a detailed park climate change strategy should be developed to better address climate change resilience issues.


Evaluation, effectiveness measures and learning
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Planning phase

Enabling factors

Key enabling factors in this BB include:

  1. Awareness raising on climate change impacts and adaptation statrategies for protected areas
  2. Effective facilitation of the GMP review process by stakeholders
  3. Effective stakeholder participation i the review proces

Lessons learned

To better integrate climate change aspects, it is critical to:

  1. Review exisiting biodiversity threats to include climate change
  2. Revise management objects to capture climate change resilience
  3. The protected areas management planning framework should be revised to include climate change. This would allow for the integration of climate change during the GMP development, rather than the review process