Success lies beyond the project

During the lifespan of the project, activities are usually going well. Everybody is happy. But this is normal because the system on which the project operates is injected with external expertise and resources: it is boosted.

The real efficicency of the intervention can only be measured after the end of the project.

Donors need to account for this monitoring aspect.

Measure the intervention success one, two or five uears after the end of the project.

Community processes can only emerge from individual commitment to shared interests.

An individual will only invest the required knowledge, time and energy if they perceive the process as resonating with their inner self.

The most difficult part is to provide room for this inner self to express itself in a meaningful way to build trust and agency in the transformation process and contribute to the collective objective.

Pathways to sustainable and healthy systems probably depend more on the respect of that inner self than on the level of information and capacity production.