World Heritage Academy

The World Heritage Academy (Welterbe Akademie) is a training opportunity created to raise awareness on the OUV of the World Heritage property, other heritage values and the wider heritage of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. The academy aims at fostering local traditional knowledge, professional and practical expertise to build capacity in local communities and local actors living and working within and nearby the World Heritage site. The academy organizes seminars and workshops in cooperation with local artisans and professionals as well as experts in the field of restoration and heritage, and topics treated vary from important and central themes like tourism, green energy, and specific building and conservation techniques like the construction and restoration of dry stone walls.

The Academy offers inclusive and innovative means of engagement for local stakeholders and actors to build knowledge and capacities to face future challenges.

The World Heritage Academy was born within the framework of the LEADER project (BB2), an EU-funded initiative aimed at initiating pilot projects to strengthen the sustainability of territorial regions and local economies.

45% of the costs of implementation of the Academy were sustained by the LEADER project.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the start of the World Heritage Academy was postponed. We are optimistic that we can start the project in 2021.