Governance and Sustainable Business: Calakmul Collective Seal

Myriam Acosta Pérez
Published: 28 January 2020
Last edited: 28 January 2020
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Calakmul Biosphere Reserve has the "Sustainable Business" axis, whose objective is to promote economic benefits through the rational use and exploitation of natural resources. In 2015, Calakmul began promoting a label for sustainable companies and positioning the products and services of the region at national and international scales. The result is the Calakmul Collective Seal, which is a distinction for companies with criteria of governance, local economy and environmental co-responsibility with appropriation and conservation of Calakmul's biocultural heritage. Likewise, a proposal was developed to generate alliances with other institutions and potentiate the initiative. In 2019, five communities are participating, seven certified companies and three in the process. The products with export quality are honey, wood crafts and meliponiculture, personal hygiene products and services of transporters and tour operators.


North America
Scale of implementation
Forest ecosystems
Freshwater ecosystems
Grassland ecosystems
Pool, lake, pond
Temperate deciduous forest
Tropical deciduous forest
Tropical grassland, savanna, shrubland
Ecosystem services
Indigenous people
Protected area governance
Standards/ certification
Sustainable financing
Sustainable livelihoods
Loss of Biodiversity
Ecosystem loss
Poor governance and participation
Sustainable development goals
SDG 1 – No poverty
SDG 5 – Gender equality
SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth
SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities
SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production
SDG 15 – Life on land
Aichi targets
Target 1: Awareness of biodiversity increased
Target 3: Incentives reformed
Target 4: Sustainable production and consumption
Target 7: Sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and forestry
Target 11: Protected areas
Target 14: Ecosystem services
Target 18: Traditional knowledge
Business engagement approach
Direct engagement with associations
Indirect through consumers
Indirect through financial institutions


Calakmul, Campeche, México
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  1. Creation of a certificate that guarantees consumers that the products and services purchased are developed under sustainability criteria.
  2. Acceptance of the initiative at municipal level with a national and international vision for the positioning of local brands of products and services.
  3. Obtaining extra income from its activities.
  4. Participation of local communities for the positioning of more companies of products and services.
  5. Creation of the Technical Commission of Certification, which is an inclusive social organism that administers, manages and procures the processes of the Collective Seal.
  6. Liaison with the Directorate of Tourism and Environment of the Municipality of Calakmul to encourage and promote the initiative.

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