Awareness Raising

Publicado: 12 Noviembre 2015
Última edición: 01 Abril 2019
The importance of nature conservation is brought out to the local community - including the tourist sector. Awareness raising campaigns are conducted to transform knowledge, values, skills and attitudes towards sustainable tourism development. Information is disseminated via videos, brochures, press releases and organised flash mobs.


Comunicación, divulgación, y construcción de conciencia
Planificación de Manejo
Escala de aplicación
Fase de la solución
Fase de inicio

Factores favorables

Community participation of the community, resources for public relations in the alliances, formulation of clear messages.

Lecciónes aprendidas

Because the efforts have been achieved with the participation of very diverse sectors and institutions it is necessary that all the members have similar understanding regarding the terms used; all the messages communicated have to contain the same information, no matter who is communicating.