Transboundary protected areas staff communication

Publicado: 18 Noviembre 2016
Última edición: 29 Noviembre 2016
The two national park directors met 4-5 times per year to discuss among other issues the status of the invasive plant monitoring and removal. Jointly, they allowed the project to be funded and enabled the necessary actions. Furthermore, other staff from both parks met each other whenever needed to share information regarding the monitoring and removal efforts.


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There was usually at least one Podyjí NP staff member involved in the joint project that spoke German, otherwise English was spoken to overcome the language barrier.

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The project revealed the additional value of transboundary communication in the field of nature protection. Without the exchange and the mutual enriching cooperation between Thayatal and Podyjí National Park the project would not have been that successful. Both National parks took the experience with them for future challenges and projects that collaboration enables positive exchange and mutual learning.