Capacity building of Wildlife Rangers on the enforcement procedures, monitoring of seabirds, and invasive species eradication.

This building block emphasizes the main solution to the lack of capacity of wildlife rangers. Doing this activity requires good planning and preparation to convene a successful training. The activity enhances the capacity of wildlife rangers so they would be able to carry out the enforcement, seabirds monitoring, and invasive species eradication activities effectively. This building block is very essential, therefore, the wildlife office continues to search for funding, as much as they could, to cover all the cost of these capacity buildings to ensure that all their rangers are well equipped to execute their responsibility. 

  • The full participation of wildlife rangers in these trainings. Without their full commitment and participation in these conducted trainings, the outcome of these trainings or capacity buildings will not be achieved.

  • Full support from the Management team in these training sessions. There is a need to involve the management in the preparation phase, so they are well aware of the training content.

  • The great commitment and effort given by the trainer, when conducting these training, will make the training very fruitful.

Having a good and well organized workshop or training will bring lots of benefits to the rangers, and will effectively build their capacity in every operation they will conduct at the field in the coming future.