Enhancing Knowledge through Exposure visit

Publicado: 02 Julio 2020
Última edición: 02 Julio 2020

A weeklong exposure visit to Nagaland starting from 15-20 th of July 2019 was arranged for the farmers and community leaders of the village. During the exposure visit they were taken to the jhum fields and jhum optimization measures adopted by the Naga farmers was shown. Farmers to farmers’ interactions were also arranged, whereby the farmers got the opportunity to clarify their doubts. They were also taken to the State Agriculture Research Station (SARS) where research on jhum optimization measures are being carried out and interaction with the scientist gave them newer insights.

The  exposure visit to Nagaland  created an impact in understanding the methodology and benefits of improved practice in their jhum.


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Factores favorables


  • Nagaland has been adopting jhum optimization measures by which excellent result in increasing cropping intensity in the jhum field have been observed.
  • A well planned tour itinerary was prepared and logistics for the travel were arranged well in adavance and the time of visit concided with active jhum season.
  • The government authority in Nagaland was contacted before the journey explaining the purpose and details of the visit.
  • The selection of the farmers for the visit were done keeping in mind involvement of community leaders, women and youth.


Lecciónes aprendidas

The exposure visit created enthusiasm among the farmers and their confidence increased. The time of visit was perfect as all operations for jhum optimization could be observed in the field. Such visit provided an oppurtunity to exchange crop germplasm among the farmers and created a way for improving biodiversity conservation.

The most important lesson learned was that the exposure visit beside increasing knowledge act as a medium for building confidence and ties among the hill tribe practicing similar landuse and cropping pattern in the region.