Creating awareness and demand through awareness programs

Publicado: 28 Julio 2020
Última edición: 28 Julio 2020

Series of awareness programs were organized where participants from the village, representatives of the village council, and officials from the Block Office of Reiek Block participated. These programs focused on highlighting the value of home gardening for food security and nutritional enhancement which can be achieved by incorporating simple natural farming techniques. The techniques can be easily implemented and practiced by all villagers. It was during such programs that queries were explained through a close interaction between the community and members of Bethany Society, the implementing partner for the project.


Educación, entrenamiento y otras actividades de desarrollo de capacidades
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Factores favorables


  1. Acknowledging the importance and the desire of farmers to engage actively in the problem and gain expertise, and apply it in their own home gardens.
  2. Recognizing the opportunities, the villagers were encouraged to take part in piloting home gardens in their own plots.

Lecciónes aprendidas

The opportunity to actively engage in the program generated discussions and drew community interest.