2 Training and coaching

In preparation of the evaluation, all participants were invited to and took part in two online meetings with Bertille Mayen, an IMET expert (also called an IMET coach), who taught everyone what is IMET and what the project hoped to achieve. During these online meetings she requested that all documentation relating to the PAs would be made readily available to her and to the other participants prior to the workshop.  


A total of 18 people participated in the IMET training workshop. This included many different organisations and brought together people from various backgrounds with different interests. 


All participants, downloaded the IMET software and experimented with using it to become familiar with the program before the in person workshop. Additional guidance and online meetings were offered by Bertille for anyone who had technical difficulties. Participants included local scientists, local town council members, local police, Masters student, members from local and international NGOs, PA manager, community member, tourism development technician and two translators. 



Renforcement de la cogestion
Collecte de données de base et suivi des données et connaissances
Communication et sensibilisation
Activités d'éducation, de formation et de renforcement des capacités
Évaluation, mesures d'efficacité et apprentissage
Cadre juridique et politique, plaidoyer en faveur des politiques
Planification de la gestion
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Phase de planification

Facteurs de réussite

All participants were given the opportunity to learn new skills and gain new knowledge. 


It allowed community members to express their fears and their hopes in a safe and controlled environment and offer them a chance to provide solutions.  


An exchange of knowledge and a deeper understanding of the issues and how to address them.  


Creation of a channel of communication between members the local community and the Director of Environment in the capital. 

Enseignements tirés

  • The importance of sharing information and data and making it accessible to all interested parties.
  • It is critical to allow contrasting opinions and visions to be heard and  use them to create ideas for change.
  • All participants could learn that each stakeholder had something valuable to offer to the process.

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