4 Interpretation of the assessment results

Automatically the results are generated by the IMET and are easily interpreted. IMET contains several data visualization tools, based on an embedded statistical analyses. As soon as the assessment is completed, scores and bar-charts are displayed. Aspects which need attention are coloured along a colour and percentage scale. This makes it very simple ans easy to allocate resources to where they are most needed.


Renforcement de la cogestion
Collecte de données de base et suivi des données et connaissances
Communication et sensibilisation
Activités d'éducation, de formation et de renforcement des capacités
Mise en application et poursuites
Évaluation, mesures d'efficacité et apprentissage
Cadre juridique et politique, plaidoyer en faveur des politiques
Planification de la gestion
Financement durable
Moyens de subsistance durables
Interventions techniques et infrastructures
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Phase de planification
Phase de démarrage
Documentation et dissémination des résultats

Facteurs de réussite

Clear identification of priorities to focus future management, funding and resources.


Praise of the current management of resources. Even though the PAs have only around 16% of the resources i.e. personnel, materials and financing that is estimated to be required, they are achieving almost 50% in terms of outputs.


In January 2022 the national director of the environment of Cabo Verde  attended an online meeting to discuss our project and findings.

Enseignements tirés

IMET highlighted the problems faced by the PA management team – e.g. the lack of employees. There are just three people employed to manage 14 protected areas which is beyond human capacity and really emphasised need to employ more people. 93% of the total operating budget for RNT was provided by the NGOs, and only 5.6% was provided by the government.  Understanding these input aspects allows the planning of a sustainable approach to management through the implementation of eco-tourism which could provide a stable and constant income in the long-term. 


We realised that there are no baseline data for the two PAs and so we do not know if pressures such as tourism or climate change are having a negative impact on the PAs as there is nothing to compare future values to. In order for the PAs to be sustainably managed, an understanding of the resources, features and ecosystems present is needed to see if any changes are occurring.  


The process also highlighted the importance of the roles of the NGOs and their contribution in terms of financial, personnel and material resources. 

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