Financial support to transition to flood-based agriculture

Several cost-benefit analyses provided insights into the main trade-offs between different agricultural systems. To compensate farmers for conserving and restoring ecosystem services of the floodplains, they received support to cover the costs of the transition to flood-based agriculture and resist pressures to convert additional low dyke areas into closed control zones with high dykes that would exclude the land from flooding. In some areas a hybrid model was used, with low dykes controlling the timing of flood arrival/recession to support double-cropping and flood-based cropping (instead of the traditional third rice crop). In the case of lotus farming systems, flood-based agriculture enabled diversification of activities, including fish raising, ecotourism and recreational opportunities.


Renforcement de la cogestion
Communication et sensibilisation
Planification de la gestion
Financement durable
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Facteurs de réussite

A feasibility study revealed that several hundred thousand farmers and a number of downstream towns would benefit financially from flooding if seasonal flood-based agriculture were applied. In addition, cost-benefit analyses were carried out on the profitability of flood-based crops and the cropping system as a whole in comparison to mono-rice cropping.

Enseignements tirés

In the future, value chains, especially for rice production, will need to be considered in more detail to support the new flood-based agriculture model and gain support from rice exporters. Consideration of the value chain would ensure the economic feasibility of the flood-based livlihood model and provide an incentive for its uptake. Through consultations and analysis of lessons learned, market access and a lack of value chain development were identified as the greatest challenges for scaling up flood-based agriculture. This is already taken into account in the design of a future Green Climate Fund project.

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