To take multiple measures to strengthen efforts in forest fire prevention and nature conservation

Publié: 08 juillet 2020
Dernière modification: 08 juillet 2020

Based on its topographic features, the 9 protection stations in Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve are further subdivided into 27 units.  27 rangers teams, each comprising 7-10 frontline rangers, were formed and carried out daily routine patrols.  During the critical period, these teams were stationed in the field to defend their respective areas to the last.  The Reserve vigorously promoted a full-range supervision and field camping measures, and continued to tighten the control of fire sources in the typhoon-stricken area, the areas with cash trees, and the areas open for tourism.  It also strengthened in an all-round way the forest fire brigades with a special emphasis on lookouts, communications and fire fighting.  Three professional firefighting teams were formed to cover the north, west, south slopes of Changbai Mountain, and their skill trainings and fire prevention and fighting drills were strengthened.  Joint defence and joint protection were enhanced; a regional joint emergency response mechanism was established.  Combined efforts were made to conduct public education of forest fire prevention.


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Facteurs de réussite

1. As the top priority for ecological protection in the Reserve, forest fire prevention was included as an important indicator in performance appraisal.  The specific responsibilities were broken down into different levels from protection stations to patrol teams and frontline rangers, and pledges of responsibilities were signed accordingly.  2. Regular meetings for joint defence and joint protection were held with nearby forest farms and villages, and respective pledges of responsibilities were signed.   

Enseignements tirés

The Reserve is located in remote area with limited accessibility and harsh working conditions.  Further complicated by the positions available and the salary and benefits it can offer, the Reserve always has difficulty in recruiting talents of high skills and abilities.