Collaboration with landscape partners including Village and District governments, TNC and Pathfinder International (Tuungane).

Collaborating and co-operating with local governments and organisations who share a common vision and common goals, yields enhanced results with greater efficiency, both in terms of resources used and funds deployed.

The first step is to identify partners with common goals but with varying strengths to achieve enhanced results. Time then needs to be taken to meet regularly, whereby relationships are developed and nurtured, to gain a deeper understanding of individual needs and to review and update procedures to ensure resources are shared and that strengths are being maximized.

A shared understanding of the importance of forest community land rights, the development and promotion of good governance, and respect for community development priorities is critical for successful collaboration.

The process of collaborating with landscape partners and local government institutions demands a long term approach in order to build genuine trust and mutual understanding. Our relationships with our local partners have generally been positive and mutually beneficial, but we have learned that continued efforts need to be made to ensure that alignment of goals and values is maintained across institutions as it can be challenging for new personnel in the respective organisations to immediately embrace the historical relationships between partners.