Community Engagement & Behavior Change
The campaign team at each municipality uses a mix of creative materials and community mobilization activities to inspire and educate fishers and their families about the benefits of working together to manage their fisheries better. In the ‘Readiness’ phase, the messages are focused on getting the fishers to become registered fishers, comply with basic fishing laws, and participate in meetings. In the second phase after the managed access areas are legalized, the messages focus on building compliance for the rules of the MAA+S and continued monitoring of their catch.
Strong sense of place and identity among fishers on the island; Active support of municipal and village leaders; Motivated and efficient staff.
Many commonalities exist between sites, so the campaign was able to use materials adopted from the other municipalities that have also pushed for basic fisheries management. Local adaptation, especially of mobilization activities, helped to make the campaigns more site-specific and ‘ownable’ by the community.