Community outreach and capacity development for tourism

Published: 28 February 2022
Last edited: 26 April 2022

Bosque La Tigra has a clear vision of community engagement for its business: ecotourism in La Tigra and surroundings can thrive only if all those involved in the tourism sector have the abilities and skills to perform the industry; accordingly the Project identified the needs for training to improve touristic skills for the local communities and entrepreneurs.

  • The Project supported the training for 14 persons of the local communities to become official tour guides between 2018 and 2021. They received lessons on Generalities of tourism and tourism ethics, Tourist attention and guidance, Geography and Cultural Tourism of Costa Rica, and Natural history.  These future tour guides have accomplished 70% of the curricula.
  • The project developed training in Entrepreneurial skills for ecotourist businesses in La Tigra and near districts. In 2021, 15 entrepreneurs received ludic and participatory training to develop their business skills, in topics such as entrepreneur profile, business concept, brand and image, marketing, digital marketing, costs, and business formalization. The training consisted in group sessions and individual mentorship for each participant. The entrepreneurs have increased the visitation to their accommodations and increased the purchases of their products as a result of the training. 


Alliance and partnership development
Education, training and other capacity development activities
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

  • Bosque La Tigra’s good relationship with local communities has contributed to the easy coordination and follow-up of the activities.
  • Local communities are deeply interested and committed to learning and applying new skills to their tourism business.

Lessons learned

  • Capacity building and training, especially in the touristic sector, have a great potential to empower people, and in this case entrepreneurs. People have shown great enthusiasm and commitment to the training. Currently, the entrepreneurs apply the acquired knowledge in their touristic products and services with positive results.

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