CONNECTION WITH PUBLIC POLICIES: Santos Climate Action Plan (PACS), Conservation and Restore of Atlantic Forest Plan (PMMA) and Sao Paulo State Climate Action and Race to Resilience

Published: 22 November 2021
Last edited: 22 November 2021

The EbA measure was discussed and included as a practical implementation measure during the development of the following public policies in the region: (a) PACS - Santos Climate Action Plan 

(b) Municipal Plan for Recovery and Conservation of the Atlantic Forest (PMMA) (c) Subnational adaptation governance study and (d) São Paulo State Adaptation Plan under the Race to Resilience

The construction of these plans and guides was made with the involvement of a large number of diverse actors, were approved and will be launched on January 2022.


While the inception phase of the EbA measure at Monte Serrat, in 2019 the elaboration of the PMMA and PACS began to be discussed and were finally approved in 2021. Since the beginning, the PMMA applied the EbA cycle and gender equity and climate change lens. 


The EbA methodology was characterized as a common goal of the multi sectors that encouraged diverse political will and allowed the integration between environmental, urban and risk reduction policies in the municipality of Santos. Public policies institutionalizing enables EbA enhancement, replication and involvement of the private sector. 


Alliance and partnership development
Education, training and other capacity development activities
Legal and policy frameworks, policy advocacy
Management planning
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Inception phase

Enabling factors

  • The coordination of actions, policy discussions by the CMMC made it possible to unite the measure, events and public policies under construction
  • The torrential rains of 2020 contributed to a careful and in-depth look at the municipality´s Climate Risk Analysis and PMMA´s EbA chapter, enabled the integration of EbA knowledge into other sections and projects including the private sector
  • Solid governance allowed the allocation of relevant staff from multi sectors, involvement and engagement of other secretariats and municipal councils towards the EbA common goal

Lessons learned

  • EbA measures helped to enhance the political will of municipality officers and population to develop and approve its related public policies as PMMA and PACS.
  • The existence of a municipality database was significantly important;
  • The need to carry out research/studies in the municipality area by local educational/research institutions to create/feed the database;
  • The participation of different municipal secretariats is essential for the development of the public policies PMMA and PACS proposal;
  • The operation of municipal councils with the participation of institutions and representations from different sectors (private, non profit and public) provided important technical and political support in the development of projects and policies;
  • Support and interaction with other municipal councils strengthened discussions and critical analysis.
  • Institutional partnerships and GIZ´s support with capacity building consultancy teams on EbA methodologies and strategy designs played a great role for the results achieved.

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