Hand Holding and support for sustaining the pilots

Published: 28 July 2020
Last edited: 28 July 2020

A crucial element of the strategy was to ensure that participating farmers were constantly hand-held and provided with both technical and material support to achieve what they had started. Each farmer was in constant touch with representatives of the implementing partner agency and this enabled them to address issues that arose along their efforts to ground the pilots.


Alliance and partnership development
Enforcement and prosecution
Evaluation, effectiveness measures and learning
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Review phase

Enabling factors

  • Deep commitment of representative implementing partner agency

  • Close networking between the participating farmers increases cross-learning¬†

Lessons learned

  • A constant assistance is required at the initial stages of grounding the demonstration pilots

  • Due care is required that each and every possible shortcoming is address in order to maintain a high level of confidence