Innovative ideas to scale across a region

Published: 13 August 2015
Last edited: 13 October 2017

The MAR Leadership programme seeks to incubate new project ideas into projects with the potential for replication (scaling-up) along the Mesoamerican Reef Ecoregion. These projects are developed to show clear and measurable conservation impacts within a 3 - 5 year time horizon. Each cohort has a thematic focus linked to the conservation needs of the region. For example, in 2010 the fellows´ projects focused on coastal development and tourism; in 2011 on sustainable fisheries and establishment of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs); in 2012 on the establishment of a network of multifunctional marine reserves; in 2014 on integrated solid waste management and 2015 on conservation and economical valuation of mangrove ecosystem services.


Education, training and other capacity development activities
Management planning
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

  • Fellows commitment to implement their projects
  • Fellows’ organization support

Lessons learned

  • Tapping the expertise of fellows and encouraging them to self-organize around learning and action projects (seeded with resources) help them develop their leadership skills.
  • Fellows’ projects are more likely to succeed if they are part of the work plan of their organization.
  • Seed funding is needed to launch projects.

Do you want to share your inspirational story?

Have you been inspired by a solution or building block on PANORAMA? Then share your experiences and tell us how you have been inspired and what you did to replicate a solution! What was needed in order to adapt the solution to your context? Tell us how you enabled a successful knowledge transfer to create more positive impacts for a healthy planet!