Land Use Plan

Published: 27 October 2017
Last edited: 27 October 2017

A preparatory land use plan (PLUP) was undertaken, which organises land into its building and other types of uses and includes green areas and corridors. This PLUP is not legally binding, but serves as a basis for planning and information.


The land use plan developed in 2010 contains essential components for sustainable urban development, envisaging urban development under the slogan "urban─compact─green". Its guideline is for brownfield rather than greenfield development in a 4:1 ratio. It aims to protect green areas and develop a green network through brownfield areas.


Management planning
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Planning phase
Inception phase

Enabling factors

Constructive use of existing regulations (e.g. the German Federal Building Law) provides a mandate for the implementation of planning recommendations relating to local climate.

Furthermore, the city has had a climate change mitigation strategy since 1997 and a climate change adaptation strategy was developed in 2012.

Finally having an urban climatology section within the Office for Environmental Protection enabled creation of the necessary data.


Lessons learned

Having in-house climatic research capacity within a city municipality  is rare but a huge advantage so as to provide concrete knoweldge and solutions, rather than applying general principals when creating a Land Use Plan that can address objectives of climate protection and air quality. Having detailed and concrete data for the city has allowed the engineering through planning and landscaping of an entire system for urban air circulation.

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