Learning activities with local schools

Published: 06 October 2020
Last edited: 09 March 2021

The Ledro Museum Network (ReLED) has as its main point of action in the Pile Dwelling Museum of Lake Ledro. The museum employees, in over 20 years of experience, have refined methods of involvement, communication techniques and types of activities to be able to reach as many audiences as possible. In 2000, the first working group was gradually created which still continues its activity in the museum and constitutes the "historical memory of the institution that includes an archive of experiences, trainings and reference point for those who joined the museum and the network in following years.

At that time, the museum’s built what can be considered an industrial chair of work: in order to meet the demand it was necessary to create "working standards" both terms of activities with the public and schools and in the logistics, procurement of equipment and teaching materials as well as the precise distribution of the groups in rooms. The activities aimed at schools have found great support over the years, thanks to various innovations: new public facilities and a new museum have been created, the prehistoric village has been reconstructed, cooperation and management of other museums of the ReLED network and a continuous relationship with MUSE


Communication, outreach and awareness building
Education, training and other capacity development activities
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

Over the years the museum has hired staff: 9 assistants were designated between '11 and '14. This positively fed the work environment. Between '19/'20, the definition of permanent contracts indicated the maturation of the working group. Additionally, the museum is recognized as a contributing institution by the local municipal administration, which acknowledged the importance of the role and constant dialogue with between the museum and local schools in Ledro. The MoU bertween the insitutions is based on enhancing the knowledge of local environments.

Lessons learned

  • The close contact with the school environment has allowed ReLed to develop efficient and effective tools. The constant interaction with the school system in Ledro and the Basso Sarca, which began in 1990s, had led to a joint MoU focused on activities dedicated to children and pupils in elementary and middle schools. Each school year is given a specific theme to explore in connection to the Ledro territory and environment.
  • The work focuses on the development of durable instruments like agreements and MoU that can guarantee the continuity of activities and projects beyond the mandates of museum staff, school directors, teaching personnel and administrations.
  • It is important to connect schools with their wider environment. The museum, together with its offices and staff, is an active educational collaborator in support of teachers. Visits in the environment, both cultural and natural, are not a limit to the educational development of school programs, on the contrary they offer the chance to enhance the learning and educational effort of teachers.