Museum network and cultural itineraries

The network is an opportunity to explore the Dolomites’ cultural richness in connection to its Outstanding Universal Value, though a series of multilingual (including minorities) museums located in mountain communities and cultural itineraries made to explore the Dolomites and its people and history. As museum play a key role in the life of local communities and they support the recording of local history and experiences through time, these places are also fundamental for communicating the values of the Dolomites through several natural and cultural perspectives.

Museums and cultural itineraries play a key role in raising awareness on the life of local communities and the experience lived by these territories from prehistory, through the two world wars until today, through events that have deeply shaped the cultural and social communities of this areas. The network of museums is a key platform for the direct interaction with local communities and for these communities to share their knowledge about the Dolomites and the historical events that have shaped its landscapes.

Last but not least, the offer a chance for people with physical disabilities to explore the Dolomites in an accessible way

The existence of several museums across the territory of the Dolomites which were interested in working together to raise awareness on natural, cultural and historical aspects of these areas and their communities.
These territorial museums have a role in the life of local communities and they have a purpose in the education of visitors exploring the Dolomites both at a high and low altitude.

The strong and comprehensive network of institutional and informal stakeholders that is managed through the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation

Raising awareness on the Dolomites and its natural values requires the understanding of their natural, social and cultural setting. As the Dolomites extend across an area of great cultural richness which is both source of unique cultural values and mirror of a complex mosaic of local identities of communities that are culturally and socially diverse.

Museums, with their strong local declination and their deep permeation in the social and cultural tissues of different areas of the Dolomites, are a great platform to be actively and meaningfully engaged in the lives of communities and to allow them to share their knowledge and memories, which are valuable information for the effective management of the Dolomites and its multilayered values