Sustainably scaling up the production of improved cookstoves

Supporting artisanal, professional and business class ICS producers in scaling up their production by providing them with tools to increase the efficiency of workshop processes as well as business development services to enable them to increase their sales.



Sustainable livelihoods
Technical interventions and infrastructure
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution

Enabling factors

The project is using a market-based approach to facilitate of the growth of the ICS market. In terms of this approach the project enables the supported ICS producers to significantly increase their production of climate friendly cookstoves as well as their market reach. Furthermore, the ICS producers access to market-based finance is facilitated by the project. This is further supported by demand side measures to increase the knowledge on the benefits of improved cooking technologies especially in rural areas as well as improving the enabling environment.

Lessons learned

To kick-start this development the ICS market in the relevant country or region must have moved already from the from Pre-Commercial towards Pioneering stage which means that there are already a few mostly informal low-sales volume artisanal ICS businesses and existing but weak distribution channels that are mostly situated in urban or peri-urban settings.

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