Trainings designed to build capacity and awareness among the various stakeholders

ABS Project plays an important role in mainstreaming biodiversity topics within the communities and local authorities. Activities related to education usually refer to any official means for building capacity and develop human resources by campaign, teaching, conduct short term training workshop, and so on.


As an example, the National Center of Traditional Medicine (NCTM) is acting as a training center for the holders of traditional knowledge: the Kru Khmers, healers, Chinese traditional medicine experts, etc. The mechanism of NCTM works on training, education, examination, and certification of the Kru Khmers (40-50 Kru Khmers annually) is was consider numerous training sessions held for the local stakeholders on the importance of biodiversity conservation and its value.  Project provide ABS’s knowledge by builds upon these achievements and mainstreams practical knowledge about the ABS mechanisms through similar channels of education.

Training programmes have helped local communities identifying potential value and introducing internationally recognized certificates for genetic resources and traditional knowledge.

Awareness-raising program is increasing in local level and public people in less formal ways such as a public forum, campaign, workshop, seminar, and conference was conducted and organized for all groups in the society, with particular focus on rural communities who depend more directly on nature for their livelihoods and considered to be the primary custodians of biodiversity.