Mangroves for carbon storage

Mangroves are a critically important ecosystem, fulfilling many important ecological functions. They are also an essential part of the solution to climate change, by storing carbon and thus contributing to mitigation. Read some of our solutions on mangrove conservation from around the world! 

Louise Gardner-Blue Ventures
Participatory mapping for management
Participatory theory of change
Participatory Forest Management plan
Participatory monitoring
Mangrove reforestation by communities
Mangrove Maniacs
Restore water circulation in the mangrove forest.
Establish nurseries
Reforestation in degraded and sparsely vegetated areas
Increase community awareness and involvement
Mikoko Pamoja
Participatory Forest Management Plan
Forest Management Agreement
Carbon know-how through strong partnership
Community environmental education and awareness
Ángel Omar Ortiz Moreno
Study on healthy ecological conditions
Monitoring and evaluation
Mangrove restoration
Involvement of stakeholders
Communication and dissemination
Association Hô-üt
Inventaire et caractérisation de l'état de santé de la mangrove
Restauration de mangroves en zone dégradée
Seafront Mangrove Planting
Mangrove Eco-park
Reversion of abandoned Ponds to Mangroves
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Science-based design
Active stakeholders across levels
Informing policy processes
Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd
Appropriate Governance
Appropriate Infrastructure
Appropriate Strategy