Strengthening PELUM Kenya Zonal Networking

Published: 12 July 2018
Last edited: 27 July 2018

Following the Devolvement of Kenya in 2010, PELUM Kenya devolved itself in to six networking zones namely: Central Rift Valley Zone, Lower Eastern and Coastal Zone,  Nairobi/Central Zone, Upper Eatern and Northern Kenya Zone, Western Zone and Nyanza Zone.

PELUM Kenya has therefore been focusing on a zone during implementation of the Green Action Week campaigns as a way of promoting horizontal networking. The members of a zone are involved in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the campaigns with one of the member organizations being the lead member organisation and in close coordination by PELUM Kenya secretariat and zonal staff. This provides a platform for learning and sharing among Member Organizations


Alliance and partnership development
Management planning
Sustainable livelihoods
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Planning phase

Enabling factors

  • Joint planning and implementation of the campaign activities
  • Coordination by a lead member organization
  • Cross learning and sharing among the Zonal Member Organizations
  • Creation of synergies to enhance achievement of results

Lessons learned

  • There is need to engage in early planning for all the activities that include a number of member organizations working together
  • There is need to undertake effective joint planning including levelling of expectations and capapcity building on the intended results from the inititive to foster joint learning and understanding on the campaign results


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