Stewardship Planning Process

Publicado: 27 Abril 2021
Última edición: 27 Abril 2021

A Local Stewardship Council (LSC) is the main representative of a World Surfing Reserve and is in charge of implementing the Local Stewardship Plan. The LSC works together with Save The Waves Coalition to Protect, Steward, and Defend their surf ecosystem.


LSC members work on the ground and with the local community to carry out activities that result in the long-term conservation of the reserve as well as celebrate and honor the tradition of surfing and ocean recreation.  The Stewardship Planning Process brings together the LSC and important community members to map out the the critical threats to the region and come up with long term goals and objectives for permanent protection.  


The Stewardship Planning Process generally follows the outline in "Measures of Success" that includes building a Conceptual Model, developing a management plan that identifies goals, objectives, actions and timelines based on the threats to address.


Creación de co-manejo
Colecta de datos de línea base y monitoreo
Evaluación, medidas de efectividad y aprendizaje
Marco legal y normativo, promoción de políticas.
Planificación de Manejo
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Fase de planificación

Enabling factors

Enabling Factors include:


  • A well developed Local Stewardship Council
  • Support from the local government or municipality
  • Maps of the region and coastline
  • A well developed inventory of threats to the environment
  • A comfortable physical meeting space

Lessons learned

Our lessons learned from this project include:


  • Relationship building between the stakeholders is key

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