Strengthening self-esteem

Strengthening women's self-esteem was used as a strategy to reach an understanding in the importance of climate change adaptation from the sustainable use of wetland ecosystem services. For that reason, it was necessary to keep the process of stregthening self-esteem in progress.


A strong self-esteem enables the development of self-confidence. Once self-confidence has been obtained, the process of trust building in others, continues. This is the basis for partnerships in the context of climate change. The strategy of promoting associativity and organisational strengthening took place at three levels: a) training, b) marketing, and c) adaptation.

Important conditions for the success of the strategy were: 

  • Deepening trust-building towards each other
  • Working on building trust towards institutions
  • Fostering associativity among communities
  • Strengthen capacities for the sustainable use of ecosystem services, and thereby achieve ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change. 

One lesson learned is that, difficulties in accessing services, that enable better living conditions, limit participation, associativity and the understanding of climate change as a threat and opportunity. In other words, the greater the poverty, the greater the difficulty in understanding climate change. For this reason, permanent face-to-face work was required. The strategy employed was: living with coastal communities of artisan women, strengthening their self-esteem through various workshops in the school.