Partnerships with placing agencies

Publié: 26 février 2020
Dernière modification: 26 février 2020

Partnerships were established with 8 agencies specialized in placing paying volunteers for continuity beyond the GEF support. They were provided with marketing information, photos, and some received news and blogs for their websites. The partners have sent 21 participants to the program. 


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Facteurs de réussite

  1. Existence of agencies specialised in placing paying volunteers with whom partnerships could be formed.
  2. Buy-in and collaboration between the agencies and Nature Seychelles
  3. A wide selection of agencies catering for different markets and languages

Enseignements tirés

  1. Agencies helped to place a percentage of the participants.
  2. Recruitment and administrative tasks take up a significant amount of time, and human resource has to be allocated to carry them out.
  3. In addition to agencies, word of mouth and referrals work well, therefore the program experience has to be optimal.