Ecotourism marketing

A simple market analysis was conducted in order to define marketing strategies for ecotourism services, together with artisanal fishermen. Partnerships were also established with local tourism agencies and the regional government to promote these services. Flyers were designed and handed out to advertise trips and showcase manta ray conservation. Workshops in local schools and dissemination through local press also promoted manta ray conservation and presented tourism alternatives. In addition, a proposal for national protection of Giant Manta Rays was presented to national authorities, which will contribute to protecting this valuable tourism resource.

  • The area of influence is close to popular tourism destinations on the north coast of Peru, which welcome both national and international tourists.
  • Interest from local tourism agencies and the regional government was high, as we introduced an innovative service to the market.
  • Prior research on Manta Rays provided a good understanding of the challenges faced by this species in the area, and justifies the proposal for protection.

As understanding of main sites for manta ray observation increases, and fishermen consolidate their services over time, the profile of tourists can vary. At an initial stage, promotion is focused on tourists interested in exploratory trips, with the expectation of incorporating additional offerings as the initiative expands.