Enhanced institutional and individual capacity for SAMP management

The institutional and individual capacity for the management of the MPAs in the SAMP were improved: a) developed or strengthen training programs for MPA management (e.g., regulatory framework, management plans, financial
sustainability, and monitoring and conservation); b) developed of planning and resource use agreements; c) supported the consolidation of the MPA management plans; d) monitoring and use of GIS tools to aid MPA management decision-making was developed; and e) assessment of the MPA management effectiveness using the METT tool was runned. Additionally, the project contributed to enhance the institutional
capacity of INVEMAR and to improved MPA management by providing funds to update monitoring/research and GIS laboratories in new headquarters in Santa Marta. The main outputs: A monitoring system for the SMPA articulated with SINAP’; Agreements for planning and resource use developed for six (6) pilot MPAs specifying roles, financial obligations, and conflict-resolution mechanisms; Selected staff from MPAs and decision-makers trained in MPA management, financial planning, and monitoring and evaluation; Existing ecology programs in higher educational institutions include MPA; Decision Support System based-GIS tools. 

  • Identification of needs for capacity building and development
  • The expectations of decision makers, sectors and MPA managers as well as scientific and academic personnel
  • The alliances between INVEMAR and their partners, as well as the possibility to link with Regional and Global Strategies (e.g. Ocean Teacher Global Academy - IOC-Unesco)
  • The postgradute programmes are open to new subjects into the currilum (MPAs, Ocean Biodiversity)

Good management needs good staff. Efforts conducted to enhance capabilities of officials towards gaining skills in managing marine environments are crucial for the success of the action.


Local comunities can be trained and can act as partners in the management of marine proteted areas.