Establishment and Development Support of Village Level Organizations.

Published: June 2019
Last edited: June 2019

From the execution of the participatory mapping and creation of medium term planning, it’s required to have short term follow up action plans such as:

1. Making the union of farmers, village owned company (Pondok Lada), research group is legally recognized both locally and nationally,

2. Support annual strategies that based on medium term planning, such as:

a. Farmers union is to increase the annual harvest volume, not expand their agriculture in water source protection area, using organic pesticide and fertilizer, grading pepper berries to be sold to the company, Pondok Lada.

b. The company buy graded pepper berries with the fair price that is disscussion with farmers union, producing post harvest product as a instant product, gradually transform to eco-packaging to reduce the impact of plastic waste.

c. Research group to teach how to grade pepper with global standard, teaching how to integrate each type of farming (pepper, fishery) by supplying each other nutrition.


This annual planning that is arranged by village has to be synchronized to district and national medium and long term planning in order to have better support from the government.


Education, training and other capacity development activities
Enforcement and prosecution
Legal and policy frameworks, policy advocacy
Management planning
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Inception phase

Enabling factors

  • Legalization of formed groups (the company, research groups) regionally to nationally.
  • Creating key persons and support system for regeneration of those groups.
  • Synchronization of annual strategies of those groups to village administration medium term planning, medium and long term regional to national government level planning with collaborations with other local movements, academics, start-up companies, NGOs, etc.
  • Coordination and data sharing with related government institutions to gain support from the planning that is arranged by village.

Lessons learned

  • Understand how the line of coordination and legal system works in different regions
  • Collected of various policies, (i.e long term agricultural development plan from Ministry of Agriculture, long term agricultural and energy development plant from province level) to be synchronized to village development plan from each level of government, i.e (National or Regional) Planning and Development Ministry, Village Empowernment Ministry (regional), Agriculture Ministry.
  • Know the key person of each sector from the government, NGOs, academics, i.e. head of directorate of development rural area in National or Regional) Planning and Development Ministry.