Evaluation, dissemination, and effective conservation management.

Release management techniques, data collection, and the need for intervention are continuously being assessed to facilitate effective adaptive management on a day-to-day basis.


Dissemination of methods and results is an important tool to communicate to donors, attract new funding or stakeholder support, and increase awareness at a national and international level.


Monthly reports to project partners are published online at www.BirdsOnTheEdge.org in a reader-friendly format that engages with the public. As a result, the project has received funding, attracted post-graduate research, helped network with international practitioners and inspired other organizations.


Work is currently underway to analyze existing data, identify data gaps, and carry out research that will aid the development of a long-term management plan.


Durrell recently incorporated the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation into their strategic planning using Miradi software.

  • An existing organizational ethos to assess, plan, implement, evaluate, and disseminate projects.
  • A supportive network of people with a wide variety of skills.
  • Financial backing to set up, run, and develop online tools and resources.

This building block is ongoing and hard to review at present.