Financing management

Published: 17 October 2018
Last edited: 01 April 2019

The Yawi Sumak bike-trip beyond a recreational and sporting event has an environmental awareness objective, it has achieved the interest and economic support of Local Governments (Prefecture of Zamora Chinchipe, Parish Boards), International Cooperation (German Cooperation GIZ), and private business (Maxred Diseños).
For this reason, the cost is subsidized and symbolic. Cyclist pays approximately 40% of the real value of the event, which has contributed significantly to the success in the call. The participant for that fee gets: mobilization, transport of bicycles, food (breakfast, cold sandwiches and lunch), jersey, buff, participation medal, hydration, fruit, prize draw, traffic control, medical assistance and mechanical assistance.
In the last edition there was a difference for men ($ 20) and women ($ 15) as an positive incentive to achieve greater participation of women.


Enforcement and prosecution
Sustainable financing
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Inception phase

Enabling factors

Generate an environmental message (conservation, connectivity) beyond a recreational and sports activity to achieve the interest of international cooperation
Having achieved a great participation of cyclists from the beginning, which is gradually increasing, which has captured the interest of private companies
To have a permanent governance space (Cooperatio System - CPY promoter group) for the management of local government resources.

Lessons learned

Private companies are willing to support innovative ideas, as long as they seek common interest and call  participation of a big group of people
The bicycle has a lot of acceptance (to be bikefriendly is cool), for example, public and private entities through transport, ecological, recreational, accessible and social cohesion.
Managing resources in institutions will become easier when they have an orientation on environmental issues, in this case the local Prefect is an indigenous from Saraguro ethnic group, he is a nature advocate who in 2009 through of an local law   where established Zamora Chinchipe province as "Lung of Mother Earth, Source of Water and Life"

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