Gaining an invitation to the CBD EBSA meeting in Moscow

Published: 02 June 2016
Last edited: 19 October 2016
We carefully prepared our maps and other data and then wrote a supporting letter to one of the organizers of the IUCN CBD EBSA meeting in Moscow in March 2013. After some back and forth, we managed to get a formal invitation and to raise the funds to send researcher Mikhail Nagaylik. He attended and submitted a strong case for a large EBSA covering most of the east coast of Kamchatka. This EBSA was accepted and supported both by the scientists as well as the Ministry in Moscow.


Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Planning phase
Documentation and dissemination of results

Enabling factors

The fact that FEROP co-director Erich Hoyt had attended MPA meetings and was an IUCN WCPA and SSC member helped in approaching the organizers of the CBD meeting in Moscow to obtain a place for a FEROP researcher. FEROP's deep experience in the region meant that the expertise would be essential.

Lessons learned

Think creatively and just because you aren’t formally invited to something doesn’t mean you don’t belong, or that you can’t get in.

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