GIS/Technical Planning

The technical aspects of the table/model must be carefully planned by a GIS specialist. Key considerations include: intent of model, vulnerable natural and social resources, land elevation, land area, marine and water features, space to host the model, and access to model materials.

The spatial extent and the elevation of the land will inform the GIS specialist of the scale to be used. The scale impacts the number of foam layers to be used, and ultimately the amount of foam material needed to create the model. Experience with topographic maps and geospatial analysis is required.

- The major enabling factor is technical expertise in the field of cartography/GIS.

- If working in a remote location, access to the model materials is critical and need to be arranged in advance.

- The ability to communicate complex geospatial skills into practical and creative excercises is another skill that is very enabling.

- Foam sheets work better as a foundation than cardboard

- Technical input needs to be received from stakeholders regarding the key considerations above months in advance of the purchasing of materials

- If the land elevation is not very high, changing the scale can create an exaggerated model, which is beneficial to visualize land properties and potential problems